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Se trata: What It's About

This week we also offer the eighth installment of De Consumidor a Persona ("From Consumer to Person"), from Spain, a probing look at tough environmental questions. In this clip, we hear:


Es decir, se trata de vincular la misma actividad que uno tiene pues para...

That is, it is about linking the same activity that one has, well, to...

trabajar por la abolición de la deuda externa.

to work for the abolition of the foreign debt.

Captions 37-38, De consumidor a persona - Short Film - Part 8

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We've discussed the versatile verb tratar ("to treat" or "to attempt to") in this space before. But we didn't yet touch on the common construction tratarse de [algo] ("to be about [something]"), which is seen in the phrase above.

Here's a common question:

¿De que se trata?
What is it about?

And one possible answer:

Yabla Spanish se trata de gente interesante.
Yabla Spanish is about interesting people.


Got that? Have a look at an interesting discussion of the phrase, found here.


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