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Que se Diga: Let's Go There!

Pues, no tan bien que se diga, pero más o menos me defiende un poco.

Well, not so good exactly but it more or less helps me a bit.

Caption 9, Doña Coco - La Vida De Una Cocinera

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Doña Coco is not earning enough money que se diga, which literally translates to something like "it might be said." However, que se diga (commonly expressed as que digamos) is in fact a colloquial expression which has approximately the same meaning as precisamente ("precisely" or "exactly"), and is often used to mitigate negative statements, as we see here.

No me siento muy bien que se diga.
I don't exactly feel good.

El pollo no está muy rico que digamos.
The chicken isn't exactly very tasty.

Note that if we add "ni" we get the expression "ni que se diga," which is the Spanish equivalent to "Let's not even go there."



Los alumnos de cuarto grado son ruidosos. Los de quinto, ni que se diga!
The fourth grade students are noisy. As for the fifth graders, let's not even go there!


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